Monday, January 01, 2007

FT on the beach (Saturday)

We had avoided eating on the beach (always that quality concern). And today we wanted to try to hit the fish taco place that my brother P had raved about. And again, it was closed. So my brother O and I just headed back to the beach (we wanted an afternoon of surfing - our last day). But I was starving.

At Los Cerritos, there are 2 places with tables. We went to the fancier looking one first (my mom had gone earlier and said it was nice). It's a really nice building, but for my taste - it was a bit busy with a huge flat screen tv, etc. It felt a little too busy (too NY?) for me while I was on a beach in Baja. And they were out of food (at 1pm).

So we went to the slightly less pre-possessing. It turns out that there's this woman there actually frying up the fish tacos in the back. And they had 6 different salsa options: salsa fresca, something similar to that cole slaw from the other day, an avacado cream sauce, a chile sauce (similar to the salsa fresca, just more red), something that I had no idea what it was (lots of vegetables), and a green sauce that tasted awesome when I dropped a bit on my finger.

So I loaded up my tacos. O and I went and found a seat. We were in the shade, there were soft breezes, we could see the surf/surfers. And the food was fabulous. There was so much heat, but it was all flavor too - not just heat. It was so good. I don't know if it was the best thing that I've ever tasted, but it felt so good and the heat and flavor tasted so right that I was totally pleased.

And I didn't have my camera.

But if you go to Los Cerritos, check out the one that isn't quite as flashy. I'll be going back!

(And we had some nice waves for our last day too.)


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