Sunday, December 24, 2006

Food Purgatory (Friday)

There's nothing like a day of travel to put one in a bad food place. NY to Todos los Santos was an 18 hour trip (including taxi, 2 flights, a stop at Costco, and getting lost on a sand road where a Uturn is not a good idea). I ate two meals, both in airports:
1. A bagel with eggs and cheese in JFK (fried eggs, which is somewhat reassuring as you're pretty sure they're real eggs, but the cheeze looked like Cheez Whiz - though there were a couple of straight lines which made me think it was that plastic american stuff).
2. Then I waited to 30 minutes for a faux quesadilla in LAX (it was that or a BK burger). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. And having heard that a lot of volume guacamole is only 2% avacado - it's hard to enjoy something that you don't have a guarantee on.

So even without any transportation issues (pretty impressive this year - for other people), the traveling part of travel can be fairly unpleasant.

But the view when I got there was worth it


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