Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday L

Just because I didn't give my brother L a birthday present on time doesn't mean that I wasn't thinking of him on his birthday (and I did call). I just wasn't sure what to get him. And I knew that I'd see him the last week of December, so I figured I could let it slide for a couple of weeks and still seem to be totally on top of things.

And then, suddenly, it was easy. I was cruising the Menu for Hope and there it was - the tea with Harold McGee. This was someone my food-nutty brother would really enjoy meeting. So rather than an okay gift (no other inspiration had struck), I would get him the chance at a spectacular gift. And so he's got a bunch of tickets for the tea with Harold McGee as well as for the Taste 3 Conference Pass. (I'm pretty sure that those are the ones he would like best).

And, as with most shopping trips, I bought something for myself at the same time (totally different things, so I'm not messing with L's chances - which I will talk more about if I win).

And if we don't win (likely given my history (yes, I've taken enough statistics to understand that they're independent, but I still never win)), then I guess we helped the UN World Food Programme. I'm good with that. And hopefully L is too (though I'll keep my fingers crossed on him actually winning the prize(s)).


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