Thursday, December 28, 2006

Food Heaven (Saturday)

I love Mexican food anyway, but especially after a day of airport food, I was pretty excited to get to the good stuff.

We stopped for lunch at Marina’s (right on the carretera, maybe kilometer marker 62 (?)). I was dying for fish tacos and despite other temptations ordered that. My brother O went with me, my brother L ordered the Machaca con Huevos (I’m really big into machaca after a fabulous weekend in Monterrey for a friend’s wedding a few years ago – especially after a late night out).

It’s a terrible thing to envy someone else’s plate. Because, while my fish tacos were good, the machaca was amazing. All I can say is that this machaca confirmed my belief that a little machaca, egg, tortilla and salsa is just about as close to perfection as we can get.

When P arrived, he really wanted to hit Fonda el Zaguan (on Juarez between Topete & Hidalgo) in Todos Santos for ceviche. L had started some steaks marinating the night before, so a few of us went into town for a ceviche snack.

It was awesome! We had ceviche, salsa fresca and guacamole. Pure bliss! Sitting outside at a little table in warm weather, eating fabulous fresh food (with plenty of flavor and kick) makes one understand the allure of the tropics (and we’re only just at the Tropic of Cancer).

When we got home, L grilled up the steaks and served them with quinoa and salad fresh from his farm.

And nothing like margaritas with fresh Mexican limes

L's Steak Marinade
Marinade for as long as possible - we did for 24 hours

Olive Oil
Chili (little red Mexican ones)
Red Onion (diced)

A day of lots of different flavors. A day of good food.


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