Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Whole Flock (Friday)

We had dinner tonight at a restaurant (Los Fuentes - right next to the one stop light in Todos Los Santos) that had more than just your traditional creche. They had a raised platform bigger than 2 tables with the manger, a flock (at least one) of sheep, a bunch of shepherds, 3 wise men (in 2 inch heels - which I didn't understand) and a stream. It was truly impressive. I forgot to take a photo.

For dinner my brother L and I split tortilla soup and the Mexican combination.

The tortilla soup was good (but didn't surpass the best I've ever had - which was at The Mansion at Turtle Creek in Dallas). A nice blend of tomatoes and spices.

The Mexican Combination included a chicken enchilada with a salsa verde (which I loved - the verde was both spicy and sweet - and L was so-so on), a tamale (which L loved and I was so so on - I'm just not a tamale person in general), a chile relleno (which was very good) - and a sope de chorizo (a mini, but thick taco with chorizo, some salsa, etc. - this wasn't actually included, but my mom ordered it and couldn't eat everything on her plate).

For dessert, I really wanted Flan. And so we got it. But it was served with a chocolate sauce, which I wasn't crazy about. the one that we had the other night was definitely better. But I did like the people at this restaurant. And the margaritas were good - and served in cool glasses.


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