Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Best Way to Start the Day (Sunday)

We’ve been trying to be out at Los Cerritos (a truly great surfing beach) by about 9. Given the 2 hour time difference, it hasn’t actually been that difficult to be awake even on vacation. And when I got up this morning, I realized that I wanted more than just fruit.

So I took a little of the left over steak, a little of the left over quinoa, some of L’s home made mole (really ranchera sauce with cocoa powder, but oh, so good) and a tortilla. The steak had the kick from it’s chili marinade, the mole has an earthy chili taste (not super spicy) and the tortilla holds it all together. It’s so easy, it makes me wonder why my usual breakfast at home is generally café au lait (to go).

For desert, I took a section of papaya. Papayas are like eating a whole fistful of vitamins – if the vitamins are really delicious. It’s one of those foods that I never can quite believe it tastes so good and yet that with every bite I can practically feel my health improving.

After that breakfast, I was ready for anything (except, apparently, the 6 foot wave that I completely chickened out on).

L and I then split the Mexican Combination at Felipe's for lunch (kilo marker 60ish on the carretara). It was really good! It had a chicken enchilad with a nice rich tomato sauce; a spicy chile relleno that was well balanced chile/cheese, a nice fish taco and (most surprisingly) a tamale that I really liked (it was sweet - with a hint of cinammon).


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