Friday, December 29, 2006

The Best FT So Far (Thursday)

We’ve had a couple of fish taco meals so far, but today’s lunch was by far the best so far (that said, P’s favorite place has been closed all week – rumor has it that it will be open on Saturday (our last full day)).

We went back to Fonda el Zaguan. We needed to run a few errands in town and after a rather mediocre morning of surfing (i.e., the surf wasn’t great, however, I did have my (personal) best ride of the week) we had the time and energy for a leisurely lunch in town.

My mom and I decided to split the guacamole, ceviche and fish tacos (a la plancha, with corn tortillas) – but they were out of the ceviche, so we just got the guacamole and fish tacos (we weren’t starving). I got two of the tacos (picture to be added when I get home) and she had one; we split the guacamole.

Like all of the best places, they provided an array of salsas to choose from. I chose to use all of them: salsa verde (a wonderful spicy, sweet tomatillo salsa), a red ranchero-type sauce, a salsa fresca and one that looked like a combination of carrots and jicama (more of a cole slaw than a 'traditional' salsa).

The fish was fresh, the tortillas were warm and I loaded it up and enjoyed every bite.


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