Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spanish and French (Danal)

Tonight we went to see A Spanish Play at one of my favorite theaters. Of course, this meant dinner at an ungodly early hour. And yet, it was difficult to get a reservation. We ended up at Danal (10th between 3rd and 4th Avenues), which M hadn't been to in ages and which I had never been to.

I was there first and was instantly charmed by the low tin ceiling (I always love them) and just the small coziness of the place. And they sat us even though 2 of the 5 of us weren't here yet, which was very nice! We were running a little late, so we just had drinks and an entree, skipping the appetizer and the dessert (it had to happen, but neither D nor I were happy about it).

I got the Cassoulet, which was nice (have to have it while the weather still allows it - which hopefully will end soon (except for that whole global warming thing)). I wasn't crazy about the presentation, but it tasted good (though a bit heavy perhaps for a day with an early dinner and late lunch).

M got the Filet au Poivre, which she really liked. And J liked his whole Branzino (there was nothing but bones left). K and D were running late and so just got appetizers. K was okay with her salad, but seemed to like her soup. D was so-so on his Chicken Livers.

Overall it was a very cute and friendly place and the service was wonderful.


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