Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Different Kind of Run (Bordeaux)

Normally when I go for a run, I follow a predictable path to and from the Park. But today, I had an errand to run and so I found myself about a block from home, near the end of a great run (sunny, but cold, day), right in front of my local wine shop. And they were having a tasting. And so, throwing conventional ideas of good health to the wind, I went in to taste. They were showing two Bordeaux wines. The first was organic, etc., which appealed to me on the whole no pesticide, etc. front, but I didn't love the wine. I said it was too sweet; I was corrected when she pointed out that it was just the strong fruit on the nose, there wasn't actually sugar in the wine - so let me re-phrase: It tasted too sweet (and oddly, like apples, apple-cider even - which is not one of the fruits I normally associate with reds), which didn't work for me.

The second was a St. Emilion - very earthy. And I liked it. And I bought two bottles (I only had my wallet with me because of my errand - I don't usually jog with quantities of cash). (And then, as long as I was there, I bought a couple of splits of Champagne. Because champagne is such a great cocktail hour drink, but I usually only open a bottle if enough other folks want it. With the split, my chance of finiding 'enough' people, rises dramatically.)

Now, while I don't think that this pairing (running and wine tasting) is necessarily best for everyday; it's a nice treat occasionally. One I highly recommend. I will also conclude by saying that Bordeaux seems to pair well with running (especially on cold, sunny days). I'm not sure that in the summer a Rose or Sauvignon Blanc wouldn't be better, but I will let you know (if summer ever arrives).


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