Monday, February 12, 2007

Improving on Perfection (S.O.B. & 2000 Flavors)

For our last night we really wanted to repeat the walking to dinner idea. But unfortunately, we couldn't find any other restaurants in walking distance that looked at all interesting. And so we decided to repeat. Having had an ice cream sandwich as a snack after a pretty decent (for me)round of golf (see my previous comments on how good ice cream is in warm weather) I didn't want anything big, so we ended up choosing S.O.B's over The Beached Whale because we liked the 'tapas' option there.

We went straight for the S.O.B. beer, as we had enjoyed that, as well as three of the appetizers from last night: Smoked Fish Dip, Fried Oysters and Jalepeno Poppers. I didn't believe that it would be as good - but in fact the Oysters and the Poppers were even better (I think they were fried a little bit longer and so they were crispier). Whatever it was, they actually exceeded my expectations - which was amazing! We also ordered the stuffed mushrooms (figured that we'd try something new). We really liked them - they weren't my favorites, but I did like them (they were stuffed with crab and covered with cheese - so how bad could they have been).

I was stuffed! But, then we went back to 2000 Flavors ( it's great ice cream and there's always room for great ice cream (there's even usually room for good ice cream)). The mint chocolate chip (my dad tried a new flavor, but I'm boring like that) also exceeded my memory of it. It was so good! I would be very happy to have 2000 Flavors in NY because I would love to go back. It was that good.


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