Sunday, February 25, 2007

Friday Night Light (Shanghai Pavilion)

M and I went out for after work drinks tonight. We had had some big dinner plans, but ended up deciding we just wanted a mellow (and light) dinner after drinks (and a bit too much really good guacamole at Dos Caminos).

So we headed uptown (mainly so that we'd be a block away from V's and convince her to come out) to Shanghai Pavilion. The conversation went something like this:
M: You know what would be really good - soup dumplings at Shanghai Pavilion
Me: Okay. What are soup dumplings?
M: You don't know what soup dumplings are?

We ended up with a very light order: Soup (I had hot & sour), Soup dumplings, Pea shoots and Fried soup (more on that later).

The soup dumplings were awesome. If you've never had them before, you should. What you do for them is put them on the spoon and then bite a small hole and suck out the broth. I added hot sauce to mine (not enough that I lost the flavor of the soup though!). Then, once the broth is gone, you get to eat the dumpling. It's absolutely delicious! (And fun.)

M kept saying that she wanted the Frozen soup desert. It was absolutely freezing outside, so the name did not appeal to me. But then she said, no that it was a hot dessert - which seemed really odd to me. When we got the dessert menu, we realized that the reason for this was that it was actually called Fried Soup. It was a melt in one's mouth mochi squares covered with what seemed like sugar and ground black sesame. It was good and not overwhelming.

This was a perfect quick, light dinner on a really cold night.


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