Sunday, February 25, 2007

Funky Food (Funky Diner)

My friends P&A came in from SF and managed to find time for me for lunch. We had planned to meet for tea, but had neglected to get a reservation and so switched last minute. A was getting her hair cut (she moved to SF almost 10 years ago, but still has her hair cut here - I'm okay with that as it gets her out here at least somewhat regularly) and so suggested a funky diner near her hair place. I walked up Columbus past 82nd looking for a funky-looking place. It was easy when I saw the sigh for Funky Diner. It looks like it's actually linked with Kidsville right there and was indeed very kid-friendly, but not over the top (P summed it up very well - as saying that it was fun, but not kiddie).

I ordered a Tuna Melt on a Croissant with Guacamole. Really, reading that description, need I say more. I love tuna melts and this one did do it a little differently, and was yummy. But as good as the melt was, what really won for me was the Sweet Potato Fries. Now Sweet Potato Fries always sound great, but often disappoint. These most definitely did not! These were quite possibly the best Sweet Potato Fries that I have every had in my life! They were incredible. These alone are actually worth going here for (if you're at all a sweet potato fan).

A saw a 5 year old eating Cheeseburger Sliders. Luckily she's 6 months pregnant and so the waitress let her order off the kids menu. She said they were quite good.

P "wasn't hungry", so he only got a savory crepe (the Loire one) - it was primarily chicken and mushroom. He let me have a small bite - so I can attest to the fact that it was good. (I knew that I had an early dinner, so I didn't go for a sweet crepe for dessert, but it was hard not to.)

We spent more than 2 hours lingering (we sat down at 2:30, so it wasn't hugely busy) and they were very nice about not rushing us (and refilling water glasses). For people looking for a place to eat with kids, this is definitely a place to check out. And for anyone looking for a nice casual meal on the UWS, it's definitely worth a thought (they also have a whole gelato case (Ciao Bella), but we were too cold).


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