Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Lucky Day (Harold McGee)

Sometimes, it seems that one gets lucky. It is, of course, totally unpredictable; but, when it happens, it feels so good. One doesn’t even need to be the receiver of the luck. One can enjoy just being the facilitator. As I mentioned last month, I bought my brother L raffle tickets from Menu for Hope for his birthday. I had never bought anyone a chance at a gift, rather than a gift itself, but the options were so perfect, I had to do it.

For the past month, the idea that he might win the Tea with Harold McGee has been like my own little secret, tantalizing me with this vision of the perfect gift (it wasn’t the only option I picked for him, but as time went by, I realized that it was so clearly the best one, it made me question why I hadn’t put everything on that one option). I would stop what I was doing, look up and realize that nothing had yet been decided, L could still win tea with Harold McGee, and I would have made it happen.

But I never win raffles (in fact, to give you a sense of just how long it’s been since I last won a raffle, let me just say that I won a gift certificate from a music store – and I bought a record). And so, perhaps, you think that it is not then such a nice gift to give – the tantalization of the perfect gift, with the near perfect certainty that it cannot be won based on who has made the gift.

And yet, it was the perfect gift!

L will have Tea with Harold McGee!!!!!!!

I won!

He won!!

But before I go on with any sappy kind of exposition on the rightness of good things coming around boring (or killing) everyone with impossibly saccharine prose, I will stop and merely continue smiling to myself.

Though, I will add that I will ask L (that is, my brother with an undergraduate degree in English Literature who is a professionally trained chef) if he will do a guest blog session for me, to share a little bit about his tea. I make no promises as the gift was given freely with no ties (though, it would be cool to hear a bit of what happens).


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