Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicken - Just Chicken... and Salt (More Farmers Market Adventures)

I don't eat chicken. Really ever. It's not a moral issue. It's taste. It's just not that good.

On Sunday, I was enjoying a beautiful sunny day and so I walked up to the far Farmers Market (they've got more variety than mine (including kimchi!!), but they're multiple blocks away (okay, I'm spoiled with my market)). One guy had both white meats. I was asking him what other cuts of pork he had (unfortunately, not that much), so he started selling me on his ~4lb chickens (free range, vegetarian feed, never been frozen). Oh yes, I'm a sucker. Back at home, I had to send an emergency email to some friends (roughly: Help, I accidentally bought a chicken, can you come to dinner tomorrow? -- turns out that accidentally buying a chicken is somewhat unusual, but all 3 said that they would come).

I had roasted a chicken once before. I used Thomas Keller's recipe which basically says, put a bunch of salt and a little pepper on it and cook it. I also put in a dish of veggies (carrots, fingerling potatoes, onions), which I think plays a bit of havoc with his recipe (he's very big on the chicken being dry and I'm guessing that the veggies put a little extra water in the oven - but I think it's worth it to get the veggies). It was serioiusly the simplist meal I have ever served for guests (roast chicken, roasted veggies, and individual apple crisps (I'm a bit addicted to them)). And it was awesome!! It went over really well.


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