Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let the Games Begin - Pizzeria Veloce

Working off a combination of S's matrix and Opentable (I can't handle a 'no reservation' option on a Friday), we chose Veloce Pizzeria as our first official pizzeria (we're looking at comparing 5 'new' places (opened in the last 18 months) and 5 'originals' (opened before 1924)). We were supposed to be 6, but between the rain and the flu, we were down to 3 by the time we sat down. But S, A and I are troopers, we were committed to carrying on.

The ambiance is great and the host and waitress were fabulous. We chose an arugula salad (improving the green balance over last time) and then got into the pizza decision. The margarita was easy (nothing like a requirement to simplify life), the mushroom was an obvious choice and then both the sausage and the onion looked great. We knew that 4 was a bit excessive, but we figured why make a decision if you don't have to. The waitress convinced us that that was probably too much - she recommended 1 pie for 2 people, so we dropped the sausage and onion options (and ended up with just one piece extra, so it was perfect). She was really great.

The pizza is sicilian, so very different from Co. It's a thicker, richer crust (as well as more square - which potentially does not affect the flavor, but does affect the experience (at least for me as I kept thinking, 'hmm this is square')) than non-sicilian. The margarita was good. S & A enjoyed it a bit more than I did. I liked the almost buttery crust and the strength of the cheese, but it just didn't quite make my mouth sing. Maybe the sauce? They liked the balance.

I loved the mushroom - the other two also liked it, though were potentially slightly less lyrically enthused than I was. I felt a little like I was outside in the fall, wearing weather appropriate boots, hunting around in damp leaves for mushrooms. The crust was a perfect balance for the strong woodsy-ness of the mushrooms and the cheese just made it really pop. I wanted to close my eyes and savor (though I didn't because the whole square-ness thing sort of made me feel like I had to keep an eye on where I would take my next bite). I had an extra half a piece of the mushroom while A had half of the last margarita slice (which she said lost a little in cooling off/coming after the mushroom).

We tried to go to Chick-alicious for dessert, but good conversation disrupted our timeline and they were already closed by the time we arrived. It didn't matter. The pizza was good.


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