Monday, February 15, 2010

Farmers Market Dinner (Scallops & Apple Crisp)

The fish guys keep showing up at the Farmer's Market near my apartment with scallops. I keep buying them. I've made a bunch of different things with them - but this Seared Scallops with Asian lime Chile Sauce ends up being my 'go-to' recipe. It's super-easy and I have most of the ingredients right on hand (need to remember to squeeze lime juice into ice cube trays and freeze!). Simple and delicious.

Tonight, I steamed baby bok choy (organic, again from the Farmers Market) with a bit of the Sauce. It was yummy.

Then for a totally-non-flavor-matching (but Farmers Market focused) dessert, I made Apple Crisp. I recently gave into my whim and bought a bunch of Le Cruset mini-stoneware pans. They are practically purpose-less, but very cute. The great thing is that I'm using them to drive my imagination. I 'modified' my mom's Apple Crisp recipe to make

Individual Apple Crisps
This is the ultimate in flexible, make as many as you need (plus one extra as it's glorious cold for breakfast the next day)

Cooking apples (I've been using Fuji, but for next time I actually bought a variety) – For my 8oz pans, I use 3 large apples for 5 pans (cut the apples into half slices, and pile them high – they’ll shrink down)
1 portion flour (for the five mini-pans, I used ½ cup)
1 portion brown sugar (for the five mini-pans, I used ½ cup)
1 portion butter ((for the five mini-pans, I used ½ stick) okay, this is a bit confusing, the base proportion is 1:1:1 which is 1 cup:1 cup:1 stick (a stick is actually half a cup, but it makes it hard to remember if you measure your butter in cups, so measure it in sticks)

  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Cut up the apples – I cut them into 1/20th slices (so, I quarter the apple and then try to get five slices out of each quarter) and then cut the slices in half – divide into the mini-pans
  3. Mix the flour, brown sugar and butter (it’s easier if the butter is a little soft, but not soft) by hand until you’ve got a nice crumble top – divide on to apples
  4. Sprinkle each with a bit of cinnamon
  5. Bake for 40-45 minutes


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