Sunday, September 10, 2017

September Dinner Party

I realized that when I throw a dinner party, if I don't post the recipes - that those are the recipes I want to find later. So, I'm going to post all of my recipes. For dinner last night, I made
  • Cheese Tray with lots of stuff including Olive Tapenade
  • Spinach Salad with Beets
  • Lamb and Steak with a Bagna-Cauda sauce
  • Baked cauliflower
  • Berries with whipped cream
Olive Tapenade recipe. It was really good - there's probably a better one out there, but it was really good.

For the Spinach Salad I did beets baked for 70 minutes at 450 (individually foil wrapped), then added toasted pine nuts and a balsamic, olive oil/avocado oil, and dijon mustard dressing (rave reviews).

For the lamb and steak I cooked 1-inch steaks at medium-high heat (no oil, etc.) in a cast-iron pan for 5 minutes, then flipped and did 4 minutes on the other side. They were a little more medium than I like (I like medium rare), but tasted great. Before cooking I did oil on the lamb (none on the steak) and then salt and pepper on both. I let both rest for 5-10 minutes after cooking.

I was disappointed with the cauliflower. My go-to is curry (plus salt, pepper, olive oil), but I left out the curry (added a bit of garlic) because I didn't think the flavor profile worked. But it was just a bit blah. Maybe just more garlic would do it.

The winner was the Bagna-Cauda. I couldn't find a recipe for what my friend had described, so I ended up putting in 1 cup of olive oil (1/2 would have been enough, but I wanted extra). Then I added ~3/4c of minced garlic and ~3/4c of anchovies (I pre-chopped) to already heating oil. And I cooked it (low heat) for an hour. Then I started putting in pats of ghee (Whole 30 guests or I would have done butter) - one pat, stir til dissolve, wait, add another. I put in probably the equivalent of a half a stick to a stick of butter (not a lot at that point).  After 2 hours I was sure it was a disaster. It wasn't until 3 hours that the magic started to appear - the addictive delicious nature that drives already full people to have another serving of whatever it is place on. And I think a 4th hour wouldn't have been overkill. I did keep turning the temp up and down (it would start to bubble a bit and I'd say that was too high, but then down it would do nothing and I worried). Pretty low heat though.