Sunday, January 15, 2012

Heating up the Classics

I love Beef Bourguignon, but today wanted something a little spicier - and maybe a little less rich. So, I took out my normal Anthony Bourdain recipe and cooked up the beef (1.25lb) and onions (3) as directed, except that I added some chili pepper - maybe a teaspoon. I left out the wine, substituting with beef stock (dried - 2 cubes in only 2.5 cups of water) and a 2-3T of a nice balsamic. Then instead of just carrots, I added in carrots, mushrooms and sweet potatoes (I also had some cabbage, and while I love cabbage, I don't love it in stews, so I roasted it at 450 as a side dish). It's still cooking, but the broth is phenomenal. I want to eat it now.


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