Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If Once is Good... (Coco Cubana)

Today I was up in Westchester (Mt. Kisco) and had lunch with my friend J. He gave me a range of restaurant options - and despite having Cuban on Saturday night, I realized that I was in the mood for it again. I don't necessarily encourage people to strive for repetition, but there are times when you want to try different versions of the same thing (it becomes about finding the variety within the sameness - seeing/tasting the differences). And so I ordered Ropa Vieja (again). This time it even came with the sweet plantains (perfect).

The presentation was very different than Saturday - no concentric circles of orange, brown and black. The taste was also different, but still good. This Ropa Vieja was a little sweet and spicy, whereas Saturday's was more of a vinegary taste. I think I liked the vinegar taste better - but, just a little. But this version was really yummy. I'm never going to turn down a dish with a nice depth of flavor as well as that heat. And the meat was tender. Overall, it was a good choice - and only fueled my desire to find better Cuban options in NY.


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