Thursday, December 04, 2008

7 Days of Turkey Makes One Week

So, last Thursday (Thanksgiving) I ate my normal pumpkin-pie-only before dinner and then enjoyed my full Thanksgiving dinner. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I took full advantage of the leftovers (and there were lots of them) in my fridge. On Monday, I took turkey, potatoes, peas and gravy to work (our cafeteria is awful), but had something different (L's fabulous dinner) for dinner. On Tuesday, I again had leftovers (just turkey, peas and gravy this time - I figured that the carbs were being a bit overloaded) for lunch, but went to Bar Boulud (the closest to a regular place that I have) for dinner.

Today was one week (Thursday to Wednesday) and I didn't disappoint, I had my turkey lunch (like yesterday - just gravy and peas again). But then dinner tonight will be fabulous (details later). But really, that's seven full days of turkey (and I'm not even running low on it at this point) - I feel like I've passed a test, or perhaps just had a lot of good food.


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