Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Hands on Deck

We decided to start a Food Club because we felt like we needed an excuse to go out and eat good food. J had suggested Ethiopian and we were all up for it, but then we were calendar challenged and weeks went by. And then, last minute yesterday worked for four of us.

We were at Ghenet - which is apparently 'Where Angels Eat' - and it was good. None of us are supremely knowledgeable about Ethiopian, so we just ordered the Vegetarian Combo (for 2) and one each of a Lamb, Beef and Chicken Dish. Now, I'm a bit of an idiot and I didn't write down the names - but it was the chopped Chicken Dish (#3 I think), the first Beef (the spicy one), and the third (?) Lamb.

They brought it all out on the big huge piece of bread and gave us plenty of the bread to grab our food with it. J asked for a fork (the bread is a bit bitter and she didn't love it), so there was plenty for the rest of us.

I loved the beef and liked the lamb. The others liked the chicken and beef the best. We all liked the variety of vegetarian options that were spread all around.

And then we ate. And ate. And ate. Finally I forced myself to stop. It wasn't easy - it was really good food, nicely spiced, lots of different flavors. Lots of lentils, but all with different flavors.

And then, I'm not sure if there's a real Ethiopian dessert, so I didn't feel bad when we chose Cream Caramel (I would have gone Tiramisu as well, but I think the others thought that was too out of the realm) - and I felt great when we got it. I consider myself a bit of a flan expert - and this was a very nice custard. It was smooth and very solid, and the caramel had a really nice just burnt flavor. Perfect end.


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