Sunday, April 20, 2008

Worth the Effort

Despite the herculian efforts necessary to get downtown to Allen & Delancey for a 7:30 reservation on a night that the pope was in town (let's just say two cabs and 6 blocks running in 5 inch heels and leave it at that) I do think it was worth it. I was totally panicked when it was 7:30 and I was still north of the pope's crossover point, but when I got there, they couldn't have been nicer ("Are you the one who got stuck in pope traffic?").

My friends hadn't even ordered. I even got there in time for the bread - which included a bacon bread (frosted in salt), that was warm and fabulous. We decided to share appetizers and got the scallops, the salad thing and the carmelized marrow. All three were quite good, but I'd have to say that the scallops were my favorite. They were fantastic! Highly recommended.

I ordered the veal. It arrived as medallions wrapped in prociutto, with fried sweetbreads and glazed carrots. It was a very nice combo. The veal was perfectly cooked and the sweetbreads added a nice richness to the veal.

We got the French Toast, which I really liked, and the Carrot cake, which was fine, but a little uninspiring, for dessert.

All in all though, worth the hassle of making a reservation and getting there on a busy night - a great meal!


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