Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Very Full: Dinner and a Ko Treat

Today as an early birthday treat, my friend L made dinner and J brought along dessert. L was on a mission to combine all of the things I most liked (without getting weird like blueberries mixed with green curry).

She started with 2 kinds of cheese (mmmm, cheese) as our appetizer (I especially enjoyed the blue/brie - forget what it's called, but it's all creamy goodness). And then proceeded to dazzle with Thai food (green curry chicken, pad thai, etc.) as well as more of a pan-Asian broccoli that I totally adored (I'm getting the recipe).

J stopped at Momofuku Milk Bar (it's very hard to keep up with all of the Momofuku's, but this one is the bakery - to be perfectly honest I had missed it, but I sometimes miss things - J usually doesn't miss things) and grabbed not one, not two, not even three, but all four kinds of pie (I'm not a cake fan, so birthday pie is a much better idea for me!!)

Reviews of the pies - they were all sweet, very sweet even - which I liked, but a couple of folks found a bit overpowering. For me, if I absolutely had to choose, I would order them as follows:
  • Crack pie - this was kind of like a blondie cookie, but more firm (a little solid, almost cookie-like in texture) with more butterscotch - I can't even describe it except that it was so very good
  • Candy bar pie - this was kind of like a snickers bar with pretzels on top - it looked disgusting, just a big thing of chocolate with pretzels and the inside of a 3 muskateers seeping out the edge - it was fantastic, the right blend of salty and sweet - plus the little bits of carmel just when you thought it couldn't get any better
  • Blondie pumpkin pie - this sounded the most disgusting, but was actually really good - some of that same butterscotch as in the crack pie, but a little more mellow and a softer texture, and no overwhelming pumpkin (not that I don't love pumpkin pie, I just generally don't like pumpkin pie mixed with other things)
  • Brownie - a fantastic brownie in a pie shape, but perhaps it's a sign of age, but the pure chocolate baked goods aren't quite doing it for me anymore - don't get me wrong, it was great, it just didn't beat out the other three

But tonight I didn't have to choose - I had all four. And now I am full. Very full. It's good. But probably not repeatable (at least in the near future) and so I'm glad to know the order to choose them in - because some day I really might need to choose. And that would be hard, but it would still be good.


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