Monday, November 24, 2008

The Basics

I probably eat more hot dogs than most people over the age of six. But the hot dogs I most look forward to are the ones at a sporting event - baseball is probably the best, but really any stadium-y event is fine.

Tonight we went to the Rangers game. I'm actually a Penguins fan, but I didn't wear my jersey. I actually wore work clothes - which made me stand out, though potentially less so than being the only person (other than the refs and the opposing team) not wearing red, white and blue. It is what it is.

Anyway, barely had we sat down (and did I mention that we were practically in the penalty box (everybody's friends should have fabulous season tickets) - I could reach out and touch the plexiglass with my hand - it was awesome), before the girl came up to ask what we wanted. It seemed like mere seconds later before I had a beer and a hot dog. But here is the issue (and I have the same issue with American sushi): It turns out that size does matter, but bigger isn't always better. The hotdog should be a hotdog size - not a superdog size. It throws everything off balance (even when they have a big bun (as they did) it just wasn't the right bite size (I had to take multiple bites to get clear across)). So while I got plenty of ketchup and mustard and even some sauerkraut (so it was all set up to be good) - I would rather have had a smaller dog - even if it meant needing two (though after the nachos and the second beer - I probably would have been fine with just the smaller dog).

So, while I recomend MSG for a Ranger's game, especially when you've got great seats - and while I enjoyed my dog - it's not the best stadium dog ever. But I would be happy (!) to go back (and would probably order it anyway).


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