Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just Drinks (Flatiron Lounge)

So tonight H, L and J had planned after dinner drinks with a bunch of friends. I was running late and worried that I would get there just to see them all leave. But, being social and loving my friends I made the trek down to 19th (between 5th and 6th) for what I assumed would be a quick drink as everyone got ready to leave. Three hours later I realized that I needn't have worried.

I ordered a Qupe Syrah. Now, this is one of my bar standby wines. It's not going to set your world on fire, but it's a good solid Syrah and often one on the 'by the glass' menu. I consider it a welcome sight on any such menu. And tonight it came through; it did not disappoint.

That said, the Flatiron Lounge is not a place to be drinking wine. It is a cocktail lounge, if at all possible, one should have a cocktail (and be very happy about it). Unfortunately for me, I wanted wine (there's no accounting for taste). Ignoring that, they definitely pass my cocktail bar 'sniff test' (i.e., check and see if they have Hendrick's Gin, if they do, they probably know what they're doing - I didn't say it was a complicated test). And that's not even commenting on the really great atmosphere/decor - it's a perfect cocktail lounge.

H ordered a Mule, which turned out to be an awesome choice. It was mint, ginger, muddled raspberries (most drinks are better if something is muddled) and rye wiskey (and I have the sneaking suspicion that there was something else - I'll have to check with H and confirm). But it was fantastic - not sickeningly sweet, but rather complex with a hint of sweetness.

D drank bourbon. On the rocks. A real drink. How much can you tell about someone by what they drink?


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