Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jane Austen

Tonight at dinner, I mentioned this blog to my friends with whom I was dining (there really aren't any other reasonable reasons to explain whipping out a camera and flashing a shot).

When I mentioned that out of respect for my friends' (and acquaintances’) privacy (I have spent a decent amount of time working in the security space, so I am perhaps a bit sensitive), I refer to people by initials, one friend made an unexpected leap: Jane Austen.

Now, Miss Austen is in fact one of my very favorite authors (the Pride and Prejudice movie was an abomination, not because of the acting or photography, but because they thought it was enough to simply keep the story – they lost her language, which is insupportable – but I digress). Jane Austen is entertaining and witty and her stories end happily (yes, I'm a bit of a sap like that). It took me a minute and then I realized what they were saying, all of the Miss C_____ and _______shire militia (as in “Pray, Miss Eliza, are not the ______shire militia removed from Meryton? They must be a great loss to your family.”, but again, I digress).

And so, with Miss Austen as the new guiding light to this blog, I continue in what makes me comfortable.

So, tonight, I had dinner with 3 friends after a fundraising even for Leadership Prep (shameless plug on behalf of C – this is a great charter school in Bed-Sty, trying to raise the bar in education). We wanted something close and good and so headed 2 blocks to P. J. Clarke’s. Downstairs was a 30 minute wait, which we weren’t in the mood for, so we decided to head upstairs. I had never been upstairs at P. J. Clarke’s (I would think almost everyone in NY has been downstairs at least once), but my friends O&A gave it thumbs up.

C and I have very similar tastes which tonight was perfect as it allowed us to share a very nice Fig, Stilton and Frisee salad (they split it, no fuss – and 1 full fig each) (sorry the picture is a bit blurry, but the figs still look amazing, don't they):

and a medium rare hanger steak with onion strings - there's another huge plate of the strings (it’s great to have friends who like exactly the same things you do).

It’s really nice upstairs there: a mellow atmosphere, a really nice wait-staff and some subtle, but pretty holiday decorations (and we didn’t have to go anywhere near the mess tonight at Rockefeller Center.)


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